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Pamplona de Portland - TEAM LDEI!

Join your fellow dames in a running of the bulls! Don’t worry, no real bulls and you don’t really have to run if you don’t want to. We have a team started to represent LDEI PDX. Want to join in the fun? Email

Portland’s Spanish tapas bars Bar Botellόn and Bar Vivant have teamed up to bring a running of the bulls to Portland! No real bulls, just bullshit bulls (aka: whatever your creative minds dreams up that represents a bull and is used to chase runners!) On May 5th, all participants will gather at Bar Botellόn for drinks and a “bull show” (similar to a dog show but with the bullshit bulls) before embarking off on a Pamplona style one-mile run to the Bar Vivant corridor. There, the party continues with a Basque style cider Txotx and the goring of the bull piñata. Best “bull” wins a $50 gift certificate to each Bar Botellόn and Bar Vivant plus a trophy!